These lotions don’t have any bronzers or tint. They help stimulate the natural melanin production in your skin and accelerate the rate in which your skin responds to UV light. They have added minerals and antioxidants that help protect your skin. These contain all of the important ingredients to help nourish your skin.

Staff Picks:

Juicy Gossip (by Designer Skin)
• Intensifier – Potent Peptide and Tyrosine intensifiers work to deliver a natural, even bronze without the use of bronzers or DHA
• Juice-Based – Passion fruit and peach juices combine to quench your skin with the ultimate superfruit juice cocktail
• Age Defying – VitaPlus Blend features Vitamins E, C & B5 to help neutralize free radicals, promote collagen production and improve your skin’s overall appearance
• Fragrance: White Peach

Hint: To avoid an unnatural tan, avoid using bronzers if you do not already have a base tan.