A bronzer gives you an immediate effect, as well as provides longer lasting results. For areas of the body that are more difficult to tan, such as the legs or face, bronzers are ideal to use. Lotions with bronzers often use tint such as a caramel color combined with DHA for immediate a bronzing result. The color will continue to develop for 2-4 hours after tanning. Always wash your hands after application and apply in a circular motion for best results.

Staff Picks:

Designer Skin Spellbound $118

Spellbound (by Designer Skin)
• 24x Bronzer – uses blends of tanning peptides and black walnut
• Intense color from wild indigo and black tea help naturally highlight the darkest tones of your skin
• Age defying – caffeine works to tighten skin for a youthful appearance
• Silicon leaves skin velvety soft
• Fragrance: Sheer Blossom

Deisgned Skin Provoked $79Provoked (by Designer Skin)
• 15x Bronzer – combines caramel and DHA for immediate bronzing
• Fierce tattoo protection using green tea and licorice root to naturally protect against fading
• Moisturizer – helps revitalize and moisturize skin by using exotic botanicals
• Fragrance: Wild rose and nectarine

Hint: If you’ve been using an accelerator and feel you’ve reached a plateau, introduce a bronzer to kick start your tan. The DHA in Bronzers makes your melanin naturally change color as well as adds color to your skin.