Hit your tanning plateau?

It’s important to use the lotions in the proper order. Start with accelerators, then move on to bronzers and when you feel you need a final boost in color, switch it up to a tingle.




If you can’t Tone it, Tan it!

Just like black has the power to make you look thin, tan skin has a way of covering imperfections on the skin’s surface, and the dark, smooth appearance might make you look more fit, too. Of course, just because tanning makes you look toned, doesn’t mean you should hit the tanning bed or go out […]

Mystic Tan Maintenance

Have you ever wondered how you tan, or why it is that some people tan (or burn) easier than others? The sun creates UV light which is divided into 2 categories: UVA or UVB.

In the tanning process, UVA rays oxidize melanin, the browning pigment that tans the skin. On the other hand, UVB rays trigger […]

Vitamin D and Chronic Pain

In the latest study, Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, of the University of Minnesota Medical School found a much higher incidence of vitamin D deficiency in the patients with unexplained muscle and skeletal pain than expected, regardless of their ages.
All of the African Americans, East Africans, Hispanics, and Native Americans who participated in the study were […]