Different areas of the body tend to be harder to tan than others. Leg tanners help absorb UV light to trigger Melanin production and create a richer color in your legs. Facial tanners include products that moisturize and nourish the skin, as well as Parabin free, DHA free or Gluten free hypoallergenic products for even the most sensitive skin.

Staff Picks:

Stunner DHA Leg Bronzer (by Designer Skin)

• Instant bronzers and DHA allow for short and long term color, for perfect, rich results that will last
• Shave minimizers – Beeswax and other shave minimizers help decrease the appearance of hair and slow it’s growth
• Age defying – caffeine helps to tone and reduce the properties of cellulite
• Fragrance: Blackberry amber

Picture Perfect Dark Face Bronzer (by Designer Skin)

• Pore minimizing BB Bronzing Balm works to empower skin cells, remove dead tissue, and regenerate new skin cells
• Bronzers – Formulated to deliver dark color through the use of brown seaweed and chicory extract, which produces an intense bronzer that washes away with soap and water
• Immune Protection Factor (IPF) defense complex aids in protecting delicate facial skin from DNA degradation during UV exposure
• Conditions – Shea butter and glycerin work together to draw in moisture
• Fragrance Free