Do I have to wear eye protection while tanning?
Yes. The use of eye protection is required by law to ensure you won’t encounter problems such as reduced color vision or night blindness.

When I tan outdoors I always burn, will I be able to tan indoors and achieve a real tan?
Yes, it’s often easier to get the desired color by tanning indoors. We suggest you begin with a short exposure time and increase it very gradually according to your skin’s tolerance. Our tanning professionals can help you determine the best exposure time for your skin type. However, if you NEVER tan from the sun, you will not tan from tanning lamps, as they imitate the sun. If this is the case, we’re happy to show you our sunless spray tanning option.

Remember, “Indoor Tanning = Smart Tanning”
Indoor tanning eliminates the “guesswork” of tanning outdoors and is easy, convenient and private. At Elite West Coast Tanning, your tan is supervised by a trained UV specialist. We’re here to help you achieve the desired color you want by recommending lotions (used before and after tanning) and educating you on how to avoid over-exposure.

How long does it take to get a tan?
With the right lotion, you’ll notice results after your very first session. To build a base tan most people need 3-5 sessions to get the color desired. If you need an instant tan, you should consider our sunless Mystic spray booth. For the fastest tan results, we recommend a cocktail (a combination of regular UV tanning beds, with the proper lotions for your desired results, and our sunless Mystic spray tan).

If you’re tanning for a vacation, make sure to tan for a few weeks prior to your trip to see the results you want. For special events, such as weddings, the more you share with our trained UV specialists, the better we can tailor our recommendations for your unique experience. Once we understand your tanning goals, including how long until the big day, and how frequently you’ll be able to tan, we can recommend the best UV bed and lotions to help you achieve that perfect sunkissed glow.

Is Indoor Tanning the same as tanning outside in the sun?
Your skin produces a tan the same way in an indoor tanning salon as it does when you lay out in the sun: through ultraviolet (UV) light. However, out in the sun, you cannot control the amount of UV light exposure and trying to achieve an all-over even-body tan is very difficult. Indoor tanning allows you to control the amount of UV light, for all all-over even tan. With indoor tanning you can gradually increase your exposure time eliminating any sunburn, which is harmful to the skin. Outdoor exposure varies in intensity depending on such factors as altitude, cloud cover, air pollutants, reflective surfaces, times of day, time of year, and proximity to the equator. The controlled environment and the ability to time your UV exposure to the minute makes burning less likely with a tanning bed than with outdoor sun exposure.

I am tanning but my legs aren’t getting as dark as the rest of my body, why?
The skin on your legs is thicker than other parts of your body and when you shave your legs you are mechanically exfoliating the uppermost skin cells and part of your tan. Our staff is trained to assist you in selecting tanning lotions to help you overcome this common challenge.

Did you know that Elite West Coast Tanning is the ONLY salon in the area with a specialized LEG TANNER?! This compact version of a UV tanning bed was designed specifically to address this issue. With a maximum tan time of 12 minutes, this unique “bed” allows you to tan ONLY your legs, while relaxing comfortably in a chair. It’s great for building that base tan or giving your legs an extra boost.

Do I have to remove my contact lenses when tanning?
You must always use proper eyewear protection. While most people have no trouble whatsoever leaving their contact lenses in while tanning indoors, heat from the sunlamps may cause dryness and mild to moderate discomfort for some contact lens wearers.

Should I use a Specially Designed tanning lotion?
Yes! Science has embraced beauty to create Indoor Tanning Lotions. We research all lotions sold, choosing a range of products that are specially formulated with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients to help get you tan FAST. Hydrated skin tans faster, creates more melanin, and retains a tan longer. We also carry lotions to protect tattoos,

How long will my tan last?
Your tan should last between five to seven days, depending on your skin type. Just like a tan from the sun, it will gradually fade as your skin exfoliates. Make sure to properly hydrate your skin with a beauty regimen that supports your tanning goals including the use of tanning lotions, bronzers, accelerators and tan extenders to increase the life of your tan.

Will tanning affect my tattoo?
It is important not to expose a fresh tattoo to sunlight or indoor tanning equipment, while the tattoo is still healing, since chemicals sensitive to UV exposure have been injected into the skin. Cover the tattooed area completely or don’t tan until the skin has healed. After the skin has healed the chemicals have lost their sensitivity to UV, but continue to take moderate protective measures. Tattoos will continue to lose their brilliancy with exposure to UV light, whether it comes from indoors or from outdoors. We carry multiple products with tattoo protection, including a tattoo stick perfect for preserving the life of your tattoo.