tanning lotionJust like black has the power to make you look thin, tan skin has a way of covering imperfections on the skin’s surface, and the dark, smooth appearance might make you look more fit, too. Of course, just because tanning makes you look toned, doesn’t mean you should hit the tanning bed or go out in the sun without sunscreen. No tan is worth damaging your skin!

Instead, stick to the bottled variety. Some sunless tanners even come with anti-aging ingredients, which means they have the power to make your skin look younger not older like a real tan does!

If you need to be tan in a pinch, try a tinted body moisturizer. You can smooth these creams over your legs, arms and decolletage in the darkest days of winter when you need just a little glow to get you going.

Source:  yourbeautyadvisor.com