These are products that offer unique features such as tattoo protection and coolants. If you have tattoos, make sure to pick up a tattoo stick or an indoor tanning lotion that will protect the vibrant color of your body art. These lotions protect the pigment of the tattoo while also allowing you to achieve a beautiful tan. Apply these directly to your tattoos and then apply your other lotions on top for best results.

Staff Picks:

Austrailian Gold Tattoo Stick $12
50+ Tattoo Stick (by Australian Gold)

• Ultimate fade protection to help maintain tattoo vibrancy
• Safe to use for both indoor/outdoor tanning
• Fragrance: Cocoa Dreams

Escapade Cooling Bronzer (by Designer Skin)

• Bronzers – quadruple bronzers including black walnut to provide instant and delayed color for optimal results
• Cream Oil Base – Uses natural Grape Seed, Sunflower and Sacha Inchi oils for intense moisturization and skin nutrition
• Cooling – Dual cooling essences enhance sensory experience while cooling and refreshing skin
• Fragrance: Bermuda Breeze