A tingle lotion will bring the oxygen up to the surface of your skin to help oxidize your skin cells. This helps them tan faster, hold their color longer, and tan darker. A tingle lotion may make your skin look a little red and it may feel a little “itchy.” This feeling will last 2-3 hours after your session. You also don’t want shower immediately after your session, as it will reactivate the tingle.

Staff Picks:

Bombshell 100X Dark Tanning Bronzer
(by Designer Skin)

• 100x Bronzer – delivers golden bronze color
• Sizzle formula provides a tingle sensation and promotes dark color (through skin cell oxygenization)
• Coenzyme Q10 and white tea are two powerful antioxidants. Conditions skin for optimal appearance.
• Fragrance: kiwi watermelon

 JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer (by Australian Gold)

• Extreme level of tingle for immediate reddening and extra dark color
• Natural and Melanin enhancing bronzers give outrageous color
• Jenni’s signature skincare blend includes Black Currant Oil and Pear help maintain moisture and rejuvenate skin
• Fragrance: Unisex Spice It Up

Hint: You can always drop back down to a bronzer or accelerator if you feel you’ve hit a tanning wall. Only use a tingle once you’ve achieved a base tan. These create the deepest, darkest, quickest tan.